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Harry Potter Merch Wishlist

November 11, 2017

In honor of the PBteen Harry Potter collection launching this month, I decided to put together a list of Harry Potter merch I am dying to have! There is so much good stuff out there that I could go on for days but I tried to pick the things I want the most. 


1. Mirror of Erised from PBteen:


How freaking awesome is this mirror?! I mean it's not the same size as the movie prop, but I don't even care. I would hang this in any room of my house no question. In fact, I'll take 3! Thanks!




2.  Ravenclaw Backpack from PBteen



I love this backpack! I'm no longer going to school, but I have switched from a purse to a backpack recently (life tip: backpacks work so much better as a diaperbag/purse than actual purses OR diaper bags) and I am loving the space + the pockets + the option to carry on my back. But I would love to step up my game from a $20 target bag to this amazing beauty. All. The. Heart. Eyes.



3. Flying Keys Jewelry Hooks from PBteen



These are so cute! I might have a heard time hanging anything on them that isn't Harry Potter related (and that... might be a problem), but they are adorable!



4. Custom Handmaid Harry Potter Charm Bracelet 

$12.09+ made by FromNewLeaf on Etsy


I have been following this shops Instagram page for quite a while now (and you should to!) and I love all the custom jewelry pieces they make. But I definitely have had my eye on this Harry Potter charm bracelet with the covers of the books I grew up with. 



5. Funko Pops

Can you really call yourself a fangirl and not have at least 1 Funko Pop? I have a fair few but they come out with new ones all the time and I always have a few on my wishlist, so I'll throw them all in one spot here. 



6. Radish Earrings 


If you don't already know, one of my favorite HP characters is Luna Lovegood. I have been wanting a pair of Radish earrings since I first read about her in Order of the Phoenix. This is a really cute pair made by FancyAcid.

 7. Wands! 

Universal Studios Shop 

I can never have too many wands. My wonderful husband gifts them to me for birthdays and Christmas once in a while. I have Hermione's, Dumbeldore's (The Elder Wand), and Harry's. But here are a few that I really love:


Minerva McGonagall 


 Queenie Goldstein


 Seraphina Picquery. I love the purple stone at the base of Seraphina's wand. And look how beautifully the box matches! (Do you guys display your wands in their boxes or on their own? Just curious.)  This is probably the one I want the most right now. 



 I could go on for days with the merch that is out now that I love. And I'm so excited to see new Fantastic Beasts merch as well with the new movies coming out soon.  And the PBteen HP collection is so cool! I would love to see or hear about your favorite merch. What is on your wishlist? With the holidays coming up, do you decorate with HP pieces? I'd love to hear from you guys! 




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