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Thrillerathon TBR

February 18, 2018

Hello! Welcome back to BB&B. I decided to take part in the first ever Thrillerathon! This is a week-long reading marathon all about my favorite genre; thrillers! It's created by one of my favorite booktubers; the lovely Harriet from Harriet Rosie.  To try to keep my reading on track and keep myself motivated through the 8 days of the readathon, I thought I would share my TBR with you guys.


There are 5 reading challenges for the readathon, which I am not going to concern myself too much with completing because I just don't think I can finish 5 books in 8 days, but I still chose my TBR with the challenges in mind and since I am very much an mood reader, I wanted to have 5 books on my TBR to choose from. So here are the challenges:




For the first challenge, the thriller I am most anticipating, I chose Final Girls by Riley Sager. I have heard nothing but great things about this book from a lot of reviewers and booktubers and the synopsis just sounds like something that's right up my street.


It's about 3 women who are survivors of murder sprees and are dubbed Final Girls by the media. One of the women dies under mysterious circumstances, bringing the remaining Final Girls together to figure out what happened to her. Are they in danger as well? And does our main character, Quincy, want to remember what happened to her in that cabin in the woods 10 years ago? And why does Sam want her to remember so badly? I'm pretty excited to get in to this book and it's definitely going to be the first one I read for the readathon.


For the thriller that's been on my TBR the longest, I had to go with The Three by Sarah Lotz. I'm pretty sure it's been on my Goodreads TBR since I opened my account and its been in my kindle library for years. I have no idea why it has just kind of been sitting there, but I'm excited to finally pick it up.



The Three is about three child survivors of 4 simultaneous plane crashes on 4 different continents. The children all exhibit behavioral problems, presumably from the horrors they witnessed during the plane crashes. A cult hears about what happened and their leader believes the children are some kind of harbingers of death or a sign of the end of the world. The children are forced in to hiding, but soon their caregivers start to believe something is very wrong. A psychological thriller with a cult? I'm in! 


For the thriller I most recently added to my TBR I chose the most recent book I bought and that's Copycat by ALex Lake.


Another psychological thriller (can you tell those are my favorite kinds of thrillers?) about a woman who finds a second facebook page of herself that she never created. With photos of her and her family... and the inside of her house. Things escalate to a stalker situation from there. I love a good stalker thriller and this one sounds super dark and twisty. 


For the thriller with the best cover I chose Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry. I mean look at that gorgeous cover! 


It's a psychological thriller about a woman who finds the body of her sister after she is brutally murdered. In the madness of grief she throws herself in to the investigation into what happened to her sister. It sounds to be a study of grief and sisterly bonds. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to this one but it definitely sounds interesting.


Finally, the author I chose to revisit for the last challenge is B.A. Paris and The Breakdown. I really loved Behind Closed Doors and I've been wanting to read another one of her books so this was the perfect excuse to bump it up on my TBR.



The Breakdown is about a woman who, while driving down a dark road she isn't supposed to be on, sees an accident or the scene of an accident where another woman dies. She fails to report what she saw and the guilt of not telling anybody starts to drive her mad. It starts with just feeling guilty but quicky escelates to forgetting things and then she starts receiving mysterious phone calls. It sounds like there is possibly an unreliable narrator situation, which is my favorite thriller trope so I hope that's the case. I'm crossing my fingers to get to this one before the end of the readathon but if I don't it is close to the top of my list now. 


Well that's my thrillerathon TBR. I would love to hear from anyone else who is participating. What do you plan on reading or hope to get to? What are some of your favorite thrillers? I'm also hoping to mix in one or two graphic novels, so if anyone has any recommendations please share. Make sure to follow the twitter page here and I'll see you in my next post.



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